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CloneScript.com is a directory of clone scripts of popular websites and mobile apps. We also provide news, reviews and insights about clone scripts and internet entrepreneurship on our blog. We are dedicated to be the #1 source of clone script information for entreprenuers who wish to start a successful online business with a clone script and a proven business model. With a huge collection of clone scripts, you can virtually find any script here to set up your business today!

A clone script is a web or mobile app script which replicate the core features and business model of a popular website or mobile app. However, the clone scripts here are all legit scripts which are generally developed from scratch by web development companies and are not exact copies of the original ones. Actually, high quality clone scripts may have advanced features which even the oringial ones don't have.

For entrepreneurs with a limited budget, a ready made clone script with some customization can be a great cost effective solution to set up your own online business quickly. If you can't find the ideal clone script in the market, we can also help you develop a custom clone script from scratch, just let us know your requirements by contacting us.



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