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Airbnb Clone Script, Vacation Rental and Property Booking Script, Hotel Management Script

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Clone of: Airbnb, Booking or Rental, Hotels, Rental Homes Developer: UPLGC
Language: PHP License: Paid

Budget rooms with good hospitality are difficult to find nowadays. Needless to say that we can find rooms in hotels online but that has its share of downsides. The rooms are costly, quick booking is not possible, and safety & security is a concern. This situation was seen as an opportunity for disrupting the budget rooms market by Airbnb.

Airbnb is an online marketplace for hotel rooms and peer to peer room rental. Peer to peer room rental is the listing of extra space, spare rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc for rent online.

Airbnb owns none of the rooms listed and gets some commission for each booking. If you want to be an entrepreneur then, why don’t you start an Airbnb like a startup in your home town? Help people book budget hotels and allow house owners to make money by renting spare rooms.

We have Airbnb clone script for your app solution which is very much similar to the Airbnb app. Our Airbnb app clone script has features like chat with the user, host commission management, room listing management, user verification security check, admin dashboard, and many more.

Do you want to alter the app solution according to your location or market? Our development team can do it effortlessly. Our Airbnb clone is highly scalable, 100% customizable, and you will have a rich user experience.

Join us for an out of the box app solution for your startup. Speak with our team for more details and clear your queries.

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