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Quosera - The Perfect Quora Clone

Clone of: Answers, Quora, Stack Overflow, Yahoo! Answers Developer: Sopan Technologies
Language: PHP License: Paid

Quosera is a web based Q&A platform to help you create question and answer communities like Quora and Stackoverflow. It is ideal for educational and research institutes as they can setup private discussion/Q&A forums with support for TeX and MathML.

Some of the features include oembed support for embedding videos and rich media in questions and answers, TeX/MathML support, Topics (similar to Quora), Comments (Questions and Answers), Report Questions and Answers, Re-Ask Quesitons, User Content History and Profile, Private Messaging, Favorite/Bookmark Answers and Social Login (Facebook and Twitter)

Added 18th November 2016 | 1856 Views