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BookorRent - Booking and Rental Software

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Clone of: Booking or Rental, Rental Homes Developer: Agriya
Language: PHP License: Paid

BookorRent is an excellent Booking and Rental software from Agriya which helps in building BookorRent website. This high revenue generating software allows users to list the products that they wish to rent, to make extra money. People who have the requirement for the product take it for rent. This software, which powers your website is user-friendly, effective and can be easily installed on your server.

This high quality software comes with various categories offering vehicles and automobile rentals, tools and equipment rentals, electronics rentals, home rentals, advertising booking, travel booking, event booking, accommodation booking and so on. The Webmasters make good revenue by charging a listing fee, membership fee and website commission. Income is also generated through advertisement captcha and advertisement banner.

Some of the major features of this software include integrated google analytics, nearby listings, tipping point for booking, switch listing view, Pjax interface implementation, bulk email option, pull CDN, etc.

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