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Makent Hotels - Online Hotel Booking System

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Clone of: Booking or Rental Developer: Trioangle Technologies
Language: PHP License: Paid

Travel industry has been perked up in today’s digital platform. Online travel market is forecasted to grow to 817.5 billion USD by 2020. With all these pretty numbers, many wishes to start business on travel industry with an efficient technical support. Online hotel booking or reservation system comforts the travellers and enhances the business. Trioangle, a web and mobile app development company providing technical support with effective hotel booking software.

Makent Hotels - The perfect turnkey to kickstart a Hotel booking business. It involves around users like host(one who rents the space or multiple rooms) and guest (one who books the space or multiple rooms for rentals, Admin (one who monitors the whole scene). Makent Hotels is known for its qualities, making of high-end technologies and seamless hotel booking system.

Astounding Features In Guest Web Panel:

Multiple Registration
Interactive Dashboard
Convenient and clear booking of Multiple Rooms In a property
Varied And Multiple Booking Options
Streamlined Flow of List
Bookmark Favorite Listing
Secured In-App Payment Gateways
Rate and Review
Cancelling Booking request
Earn Through Invite

Astounding Features In Host Web Panel:

Varied Medium Signup
Authenticated Users
Detailed Listing for property and Multiple rooms
Cancelling The Booking
Rating And Reviews
Easy Switching To Guest Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard
Earning Report.

Features To Control Rental System :

User Management
Easy Monitoring
Single Viewed Dashboard
Service Amount Management
Manage Promo code
Manage Ratings
Manage Finance
Varied languages and varied currencies Management

Also for the convenience of the business the required features can be included and developed with high quality script.

Need to know about the quotes of the development of the site contact sales@trioangle.com or else refer https://www.trioangle.com/hotel-booking-script/

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