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  • Best Ulule Script | Generosity Script | Crowdfunding Software

    i-netsolution | Crowdfunding | PHP | 79 Views
    The Ulule Script is the best way to start up your own Crowdfunding software with the user-friendly and managing customization, the scope of the fundraising software is high among the new entrepreneurs to start their own business which results in the high return on investment. The best practice for all the investors who like to invest their amount o ...
  • FundRaiser - Crowdfunding Clone Script

    NCrypted Websites | Crowdfunding, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Kickstarter | PHP | 3014 Views
    Crowdfunding software promotes Fund raising. These platforms help startups to meet their funding requirements and serve as an online transaction portal. Such Scripts provided by NCrypted is easy to customize and mobile friendly site from which can invite donors to direct the crowd to raise fund. Ncrypted’s crowdfunding clone script is highly scal ...
  • Crowdfunding Platform Script Crowdphp | Crowdfunding, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Kickstarter | PHP | 1362 Views
    CrowdPHP has OOPS MVC PHP based simple Framework. It is fast, compatible and supports various languages plug-ins,template engine RBAC building & Multi- databases. UI is designed for ease of users, They can easily navigate options, create new projects , back projects and it is Similar to kickstarter . Using a MVC based framework Crowdphp can ...
  • Crowdfunding Pledge - Kickstarter clone script

    Agriya needs no introduction for its contribution to web development and clone scripts, as it has consistently been offering quality products. Confirming with these standards, we at Agria offer Kickstarter clone script - Crowdfunding Pledge. Besides bringing creative projects to the limelight, the highly effective crowdfunding Kickstarter script ...


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