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LocalBitcoins Clone Script

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Clone of: Escrow Developer: Bitdeal
Language: PHP License: Paid

Bitdeal, provides fully customized and localbitcoins clone script 2.0. With our localbitcoins clone script 2019 version. you can set up a p2p exchange like localbitcoins, this ready made crypto exchange clone script is powered with recent trading features that are not even present in localbitcoins.com . In general local bitcoin support only centralized trading, but the new version of clone script supports trading with decentralized trading features empowered with smart contracts. Check more interesting features of our clone script below.

Our local bitcoins clone script consist of

1. Escrow Wallet

The script comes with one master escrow wallet, traders who signup to the exchange will be assigned assigned with a separated that is controlled by the master one.

2. Smart contracts

We have created an innovation in bitcoin escrow website development to reduce manual processes, with all new contract based automation system called “Smart Contracts”. This digitally generated smart contracts, automates the trading process and have full control over the escrow wallet to release funds between the buyer and seller. Here the admin has no involvement, until a dispute occurs.

3. Multi Currency Support
We have customized our script to work smoothly even while there is a trading option enabled for any kind of other crypto’s.

4. Trade Through Ads
With this inbuilt advertisement feature, buyer or seller can post ads by denoting the requirements to trade bitcoins online or locally.

5. Dispute Management

Tickets or Disputes can be opened by a buyer if the seller don’t release the funds or if the release funds mismatched in quantity or quality.

6. Proximity Match
Traders can match their trade request within a defined radius to enable trading between people who wants to trade locally(offline) regardless of the distance.

7 Private Messaging
This inbuilt messaging application option can help traders to message each other to call for a local or offline trade and to discuss their trading process.

Other Highlights
1. Monetization Opportunities
2, KYC Verification
3. Advanced Admin Panel
4. GDPR Compliant
5. Slick UI
6. Ads based Trading
and more.

You can ask a free demo for the clone script at bitdeal any time.

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