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Event Booking Solutions - Agriya

Clone of: Event Booking, Newsvine Developer: Agriya
Language: PHP License: Free

❏Agriya set to release a futuristic event booking solution, ideal for aspiring businesses to launch an impeccable event ticketing platform, thereby securing their presence online. This top-notch software solution streamlines the business operations and gives useful insights to understand and to take the business further. It integrates a lot of features within and also, it allows admin to assign other co-admins to manage the process efficiently. Revenue can be shared among these organizers as well. Users are the most crucial element of this business. There satisfaction is the foundation. The intuitive user interface guarantees top-level user-satisfaction and thus enhances the credibility as well.

●Diverse revenue generation
●Next-gen admin panel
●Localized language support
●Faultless payment gateways

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