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Clone of: Freelancer Developer: Cogzidel Technologies
Language: PHP License: Paid

Business today has now been outsourcing their work for many reasons which include, cutting full-time staff. On the other hand, people are turning more towards freelancing for gaining more flexibility and freedom. Cogzidel has evolved a platform to connect talented freelancers with contractors. RBS is a fully customizable clone script available to you, which can be tailored to your business requirements.
RBS is designed on “Reverse Bidding” system. Employers (Buyers) post their jobs online and interested freelancers (Providers) bid for the job. The Buyer may then choose to work with a Provider, preferably who bids less. When the Provider gives his confirmation on the acceptance of the project, the project is initiated from there on.
The process of hiring, managing, and paying freelancers is well streamlined to enable hassle free process.

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