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Venture the financial technology business by building a P2P payment app like PayPal

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Clone of: Paypal Developer: Inoru
Language: PHP License: Paid

As the world is moving towards a cashless future, people prefer having secure and instant transactions. PayPal is an international online payment system almost used by every business owner and ensures safe online transactions. It is the most dominant P2P app running in the market. Hence, a huge number of entrepreneurs are striving to develop an app like PayPal? Are you one such person? If so, get associated with the leading and trusted clone script service provider, Inoru, providing an updated, customizable, and fully functional PayPal clone app tailored with user-friendly features.

Our impeccable clone app for PayPal is built with cutting-edge technology, thereby helping your business reach massive users in no time due to its seamless and safe payment process.

Business benefits of choosing our PayPal clone

1.Sleek design
We ensure that our clone app is built with an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate the app effectively.

2.Seamless integration
Our clone app can be easily integrated on all mobile and web platforms. This helps your business have a large user base at the earliest.

3.Master admin dashboard
We have integrated a separate panel for the admin. Here, all the activities are recorded, allowing the admin to view the transaction history, user details, user queries, etc.

4.Save card details
We developed our PayPal clone facilitating users to save their card details. This way, Your users don't have to fill in their card details every time they want to transfer.

Enter into this thriving business and earn high ROI for the long run by developing your app with our PayPal clone script.

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