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Clone of: Uber Developer: Elluminati Inc
Language: Java License: Paid


When someone says, “Uber Clone Script” the first thing strikes to my mind is Uber like App’s Source Code. What comes to your mind? If you think same as I do, then you are correct. It means Source Code for Uber like App (Eg. Cab Anytime)


Company or Individual who is into taxi business can take advantage of it. In simple words, any business which has service seeker as customer and service provider as driver can use Uber like On-Demand App for their business to scale up their business exponentially using technology.

It is mainly divided into three parts as segmented below.

Customer & Driver Apps
Admin Panel
The customer uses app to request a ride which can be instant ride or scheduled ride. Once the system receives the ride request, it dispatches it to the nearest driver available in the nearby radius. The driver has the authority to accept or reject the request. If driver rejects the request, then it will be immediately forwarded to another nearest available driver in the radius. If driver accepts the trip, then customer is immediately notified about it. As driver reaches the pickup location, customer gets a notification that driver is waiting for him, and as soon as Driver starts the trip after boarding customer, the system starts calculating the time and distance of the trip which will be used for invoice.

Here there can be two types of trip, CASH or CARD which customer can choose during ride request. Customer can also check for the estimated fare, selected car’s occupancy with the pricing details. Apart from this, the customer can rate and review driver at the end of the trip and keep track of his trips & invoices in history.

Admin Panel is used to monitor and manage users, drivers & requests. System owner will mainly use this to configure several things like, radius of the request, commission amount, service type price, etc. The website is the single page where all the static information of the system is presented. Example: Apps link, screenshots, features, etc.

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