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Travel booking app: Book with us and enjoy your trip.

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The trip requires a lot of planning to find the appropriate hotels, the food, and many other factors are considered. An online travel booking clone app is the solution to these problems. All the user needs to do is to log in, search for the service, and book the product they need. The notifications are sent to users at every stage to keep them updated on the process.

Features of the application:
Social Login: Simple login through social network platforms.
Real-time tracking: Locating the service agent with the help of GPS services.
Packages listing: The various packages and tours are listed in this module. Apart from these, users can book the train, flight, bus, and other services through this application.
Booking history: The past transactions are displayed here. Users can book the same package by clicking onto it.
Feedback: Customers can give ratings and comments on the services they used.
Multiple payment modes: Credit/debit card, paytm, and net banking are the payment methods supported.
Platform support: It supports PC, tablet and smartphone.
Customer executive assistance: There is 24/7 support provided for assisting the users.
Discounts & offers: The users offer coupons on a regular basis for various packages and tours.

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