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The uber app clone assures instant ride-hailing by the users

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With public transport not being chosen as the first option by customers now due to Covid-19, the Uber app clone is a perfect on-demand transport solution that is fully customized and feature-packed.

It comprises a comprehensive package that includes Android and iOS apps for the drivers and the customers, an online booking website, and a robust admin panel. Other services provided are the quick deployment of the solution, technical support, regular maintenance, the issue of software upgrades, and integration with the leading cloud platforms.

The popular features of the Uber app clone are

Live ride tracking - A high level of transparency is ensured as the user can track the location of the driver on a real-time basis through GPS integration. He/She can plan their journey effectively as they will know the Estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the driver to their location beforehand.
A flexible booking cancellation option - The customer has full freedom to cancel his/her ride at any time. A penalty charge may be imposed if the cancellation is done by the user at the last minute as it takes time for the drivers to find new passengers.
A rating and review system - To maintain a high-quality travel experience, users can share their opinion on a scale of 1-5 about the professionalism and behaviour of drivers during their ride.
Sharing of instant notifications - All the information regarding ride status, driver location, discounts, and offers are sent to the customers immediately via SMS or email.
Acceptance of numerous payment methods - Payments for the ride can be made easily by the passengers through debit cards, credit cards, online bank transfers, cash, and the in-built Uber wallet.

As seen above, the Uber app clone provides the safest travel experience for the users. Hence, launch the solution now to get a competitive edge in the market soon.

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