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  • The uber app clone assures instant ride-hailing by the users

    UberEats Like App | Category | PHP | 653 Views
    With public transport not being chosen as the first option by customers now due to Covid-19, the Uber app clone is a perfect on-demand transport solution that is fully customized and feature-packed. It comprises a comprehensive package that includes Android and iOS apps for the drivers and the customers, an online booking website, and a robust ...
  • Rover Clone

    NCrypted Technologies | Category | PHP | 1103 Views
    Do you want to own your own Pet-sitter and Pet-walker service providing online business? Sometimes, people are busy and not able to be with their favorite family members-pets. And no owner would like to leave his dog in a cage while they are not available to look after him. So, now-a-days it is in trend to hire people who are also dog lovers and wa ...
  • ICO App Factory EOS Blockchain Development

    ICO App Factory | Blockchain, Category, Classified Ads | Java | 1310 Views
    The advent of blockchain caught popularity due to decentralization, transparency and immutability. EOS is a blockchain platform to develop decentralized applications, with functions of Ethereum. This platform simplifies DApps development process by providing an operating system with set of services and functions that is necessary for Decentralized ...



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