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Getting our favorite food directly on the doorstep is the most common behavior observed in many of us. The wide range of restaurants is ready to provide such on-demand delivery services directly and greet them with attractive options to acquire the top position in the food industry.

When starting, the food delivery apps simply allow the customers to order the food from the nearby restaurant and specify the location for the delivery. Then, the delivery driver picks up the food from the restaurant and delivers the food to the hands of the customers.

The specific innovations from the technology and the changes in consumer behavior bring more advancements to the food delivery process. With these advancements, many of the restaurant owners start to invest the money in the food delivery application development process and fill their customer’s needs at the appropriate time.

On account of such growth effects, smart moves such that selection of the best technology or the application is the necessary thing. Prior to starting the application, certain things need to be observed. Taking the detailed look at such premises and features that drive the food delivery business are the necessary things.

What are the Preliminary Metrics to Win in the Food Delivery Business Race?

Upon looking into business aspects, getting the profit, winning in the competitive race are the major goals for the entrepreneurs. Providing satisfactory services to a wide range of consumers leads to high-profit and the assured revenue. But, winning in the race requires special things as follows.

Know the Top-Level Restaurants in the Region: The source player of the food delivery business is the restaurants. Identifying the top-level restaurants available in the market based on certain metrics like ordering feasibilities and no delay in delivery services. Once the optimal restaurants available in the market are known, then the aggregation of them in the application portal is done by conveying the benefits of the app-based food delivery business.

Keep an Eye on Balancing:  Minimal wastage and well-revenue earning are the two major objectives of the restaurant owners. Balancing on such two premises is provided by synchronizing the number of food orders with the menu prepared in the restaurants. With this synchronization, the satisfaction in services to the customers is achieved. Investing too-volumetric without considering customer preferences may affect the growth adversely.

Ability to gain Revenue, Fame Quickly: The important metric considered to get enough fame in the market is making the business model fit into the current scenario of the food industry. One of the important observations among the customer side is the utilization of mobile applications. Hence, the stakeholders involved in the food delivery business like the restaurant owners and the delivery drivers are creating the partnership through the mobile application itself.

Moreover, the visibility of the restaurants and the services are to be assured with the help of social media platforms. Hence, the application must open up the platform for social media integration.

Hold the script-based food ordering as a key: The fourth important aspect of the business is the use of an ordering script. Right from receiving the new orders to the delivery of the food to the customers, several intermediate functions like the food details, preparation status, delivery status, the payment received, and the offers are there in the online food delivery business.

Holding the right scripts in the hand, performing all the activities in a synchronized way is also an important metric to win in the competitive food delivery race. Hence, many of the people started to search for the availability of suitable food ordering scripts in the market.

Build the Necessary Customer Relationship Portal: Creating a platform for food ordering is not an endpoint. The feasible options like the tracking of the ordered food, status notifications for the food right from the preparation to the delivery, and the grouping of the food based on the favorite category are the necessary features to make the food delivery business as a profitable one.

Handling all these processes in a highly synchronized manner requires a suitable tool called CRM and this makes direct interaction among the customers with the restaurant owners in all the premises.

With these preliminary metrics, the one who entered into the food delivery industry has gained more attention. But, the main thing is to invest the money in the right application partner. Several applications are in the food delivery race, among them, the Foodpanda is the prominent app solution to handle all the food delivery activities in a single environment.

How Foodpanda Makes Food Delivery Business as a Prosperous One?

The best interconnecting platform for the food lovers and the restaurants available in the market is called Foodpanda that holds attractive integrants. These integrants allow the new food delivery startup owners to get instant familiarity in the industry from the pool of applications. The top integrants are listed as follows:

Convenience Ordering: The first important one observed on the customer’s side is they expect a convenient option for ordering. People experience tiredness due to searching for the restaurants available in the region and the special foods in the long-term. Hence, there is a need for the accumulation of top-level restaurants and the familiar foods in them.

With this list, the food ordering experience is fine-tuned and makes it convenient for one. The category-based list like favorite food, farm-based food, and home-made food, etc. In this way, the aggregation of food items in one platform. Hence, ordering the foods based on the category is an easy and convenient task for the customers.

Consistent Ordered Food Tracking: The second important thing observed in the food delivery business is the tracking of the food from the restaurants, delivery trips, etc. The consistency in the tracking of the ordered foods is the necessary requirement for the customers who are organizing either corporate events or family functions.

The integration of the real-time tracking available in Foodpanda reduces the stress in getting the food at the right time for the party planners.

Focus on Specific Features: The features requested from the customer side are more and concentrating on the specific rather than all make the app development as the easier one and cost-oriented. The third integrant in the Foodpanda includes deals with specific features as follows:

  • Scheduling of food delivery on the base of timings
  • Filling the gap of delivery status with the notifications
  • Getting easy payments from the customers in both cash or cashless modes.

With these top three integrants, Foodpanda plays a major role in the modern food delivery sector and brings new dimensions to the food delivery business.

What are the Features You Need to Implement to Get Clones like a Foodpanda?

Since 2012, Foodpanda from Germany acts as the best familiar restaurant aggregator continually grew with the demanding factors and now it is expanded across the 40 countries. It also provides enough familiarity to the 27,000 restaurants and jobs to 15,000 delivery employees.

The demand for the food is evergreen and hence the huge opportunity of food delivery applications exists. On looking into the workflow, the customers who are registered with the Foodpanda application places the orders for foods from the favorite restaurants.

The Foodpanda application processes customer orders to identify the location details and food details. The special restaurant related to the customer’s choice can make a response through the preparation and accurate delivery premises. Upon knowing the benefits of Foodpanda in real-time, the entrepreneurs look at the food delivery application like Foodpanda.

Prior to creating Foodpanda like application, the features that necessary to include are listed as follows

Interactive Food Catalogue: The immediate attention from the customer side is how the food looks. With the quality of food images and associated information, catalog preparation is the foremost feature that needs to be concentrated for the app development.

Feasible Restaurant Management: The second important one is to greet the partnered restaurants with various options like monthly payment plans, placing the top in search listings to get more attention, and valuing their services with the promotions.

Convenience order based on distance: The distance of the restaurants from the customer’s location plays a major role in order if the customer is in the immediate requirement.

Build the Loyal Customer Base: The loyal partnership with the customers is an important consideration for the sustainable growth for the food delivery business against the fluctuations. Keeping the potential customers and the restaurants by providing the subscription plans and coupon codes to them respectively is also an attractive feature for Foodpanda applications.

Build the History of Orders for Repetitive Cases: If the customers are the repetitive one and ordering the same food means, creating the special category for these types of customers with the tracking of the order history in an easy way. This way of food order processing reduces the time required for ordering, preparation, and delivery.

With these top in-built features, Foodpanda makes its own impact on the food delivery industry and creates a prosperous platform for the business. Besides, some more innovations also exist to make the Foopanda as the familiar one in the market.

What are all the innovations that bring the Popularity to Foodpanda clone?

Though the food delivery applications are available widely in the market, some of them are getting more familiar due to the inheritance of innovations. The innovations that make the Foodpanda as familiar in the market are listed as follows:

Food Ordering Smart Assistance: Not all of them have the same characteristics while using food delivery applications. Meeting their demands in a different way makes the application as the top-ranked compared to others. Foodpanda plays the smart assistant role for the customers in ordering the foods as per the favorite basis either in the food or restaurant category.

With this option, the customers can directly visit the restaurant list to prepare the favorite food and place the orders for that restaurant only. The convenience in food ordering on this level makes the Foodpanda as the familiar one.

Equipped with Mapping and navigation Premises: The smartphone users are huge and they have the in-built feature called GPS location. From this, the current location of the customer is easily identified while ordering. The delivery partners associated with the Foodpanda get this information and map this information for their trip.

By continually analyzing the distance of travel during the navigation, the optimal distance to reach the customer’s location is easily identified and thus the time and cost spent on the fuel are minimized.

Assuring Transparency with Blockchain Technology: Incorporating the blockchain technology to the food delivery application allows the customers to pay the amount securely and sharing of revenue across the restaurant owners and delivery partners fairly with high-transparency.

Accelerate Ordering Process with Chatbots: Though the design of the application is in a well UI/UX manner, the incorporation of chatbots is the necessary solution to accelerate the food ordering premises. The enhancement in food delivery experience with the automation of the activities through the chatbots implementation.

The listed features and innovations are aggregated to the four types of stakeholders involved in the food delivery business listed as follows:

App Owners or Admins: Those who monitor all the activities running behind the food delivery business

Delivery Partners: based on the working hours and the number of orders, delivery partners may get a valid revenue.

Restaurant Owners: With this interface, the owners can manage the number of food orders entered, based on food availability responding to requests, monitoring the transaction history on every order.

End-Users: The ultimate beneficiary peoples in terms of the customized ordering, in-app features for payments, and tracking.

Till now, the features that make the Foodpanda app like the popular one in the market are analyzed. After knowing these, the resources allotted to create the Foodpanda like the app is the main thing for the entrepreneurs. While looking for a development company for designing Foodpanda like apps, the cost estimation is purely on these premises.

Resources Backed up with the Effective Foodpanda Clone Development

With the vastly experienced and knowledgeable people in the food delivery industry, the launching of Foodpanda clone scripts is an easy task for the startup owners. To stand in the competitive environment as a different and high-quality service provider, the startup owners must confirm whether the application includes the unique features and innovations to make the business the prosperous one.

Besides, the application meets the future demands against the fluctuations observed in the food delivery business and include the necessary abilities to cope up with the behavioral shifts of the customers. To stand in all premises, the resources spent on Foodpanda like app development are listed as follows:

  • App developers on two major platforms like Android, iOS
  • Designers with profound experience in UI/UX field
  • Developer for full backend support
  • Analysts for valuing the app quality, whether the app addresses the business commitments
  • Project manager

With the list of these resources, the technologies considered for the Foodpanda like app development are Android, Fabric iOS, Google analytics, Geo-fencing, Google API, etc. Aggregation of all these things brings the high-qualified Foodpanda-like application for the startup owners and engages them with the new profitable ways.

What are all the Cost Determinants of Getting the Right Foodpanda clone?

The final thing for getting the right Foodpanda clone is the cost spent on the application. Mostly, the various determinants play a major role in setting the cost value for the application on the basis of the outsourcing region. The most common determinants for cost fixing for the application are listed as follows:

Type of Platform Selected: Since the number of platforms available in the market is Android and iOS, selecting one or both based on the targeted audience is the major determinant for cost.

Size of Development Team: The second important cost determinant is the size of the development team. While selecting the company, the size of the developers to be involved must also be considered. A small committed team is comparatively good for selection than the large team. Making conscious in the selection process limits the cost spent on the application.

Number of Features for Implementation: The type of Foodpanda application selected for the business is also the major determinant for the cost. While looking more deeply, there are two approaches such as app owner deals and restaurant owners deal with the delivery options.

In the first case, the restaurant's work is completed on food preparation itself whereas the second case restaurant also makes the necessary partnership with the delivery partners to provide a convenient delivery to the customers.

After a Foodpanda like the application is developed with the above-listed terms, the testing of the application prior to launch is also handled. According to these approaches, the cost value for the application is decided.

Find Your Foodpanda Clone 

Food ordering and delivery startup is the profitable one only if all the possibilities and the requests from the customers are filled up. The growing innovations from the technology and the demands from the customer side bring the new requirements from the customer side.

Managing the stakeholder’s activities in a synchronized way with the advanced options by the on-demand application is the recent trend observed in the food delivery industry. Foodpanda is termed as the restaurant aggregator application module containing a huge customer base.

On account of various beneficiary things of the Foodpanda application, entrepreneurs available widely show their interest to launch the Foodpanda like application and gained a value-based partnership with the restaurant owners and delivery partners.

The major inference from this analysis are built up of necessary features for Foodpanda clone by the affordable developers is the smartest way for the new food delivery startup owners.




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