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  • Youtube Clone Script - Inout Videos

    Inout Scripts | Youtube | PHP | 4 Views
    Inout Videos is a powerful, feature rich video portal script. It clones YouTube in many aspects in features but uniquely designed for a stand alone portal. Inout Video script is a fully customizable video sharing script with ad promotion based revenue generating feature. You can further take advantage of the YouTube API and bring videos and search ...
  • MailChimp/AWeber Clone Script - Inout Email Marketer

    Inout Scripts | MailChimp | PHP | 13 Views
    This is a bulk mailing and mailing list management script developed in PHP. Send numerous email campaigns & manage unlimited amount of emails & lists from one script. Create projects to manage multiple campaigns and automatically trigger post dated campaigns ...
  • Inout CareerLamp

    Inout Scripts | Monster | PHP | 16 Views
    A fully-loaded job portal website script. It is designed to give an internet business owner the competitive edge to launch a career portal website quickly. Your job portal website can be launched and become fully operational in just a day. Reduce costs by starting a powerful job portal with advanced architecture. Multilingual support, user friendly ...
  • Inout ArticleBase

    Inout Scripts | EzineArticles | PHP | 15 Views
    Inout Article Base is an easy to use member based Content Management System (CMS) in the form of an article base. It holds large amounts of articles, categories and ad supported. This is a highly Search Engine Optimized script, which empowers you to publish unlimited number of articles. The entire system is template driven which allows you to easil ...
  • Wordpress Twitter Login Plugin - Logicspice

    Logicspice Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. | Other | PHP | 36 Views
    Twitter is one of the most popular social network on the internet and millions of users are registered with twitter. You can increase the subscriber number of your website using Twitter Log in. Our twitter script allows your website visitors to log in with their Twitter account at your site without register in your website. It helps web developer t ...
  • Angular Js Blog Script - Logicspice

    Logicspice Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. | Other | PHP | 45 Views
    We provide collection of commercial and free PHP Blog Scripts. Blogs scripts allow you to setup your own blog on the Web by providing an interface to manage your posts. Our script supports these features: – any language support – option to use meta title and meta description, so the blog will be more SEO friendly – latest code stardard us ...
  • Cake PHP Facebook Login Plugin Script - Logicspice

    Logicspice Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. | Other | PHP | 47 Views
    Nowadays users are not interested in filling a big form to registration. Short registration process helps to get more subscribers for your website. CakePHP Facebook log in plug in script is a quick and powerful way to integrate registration and log in system on the website. Facebook is the most popular social network and most of the users have a Fa ...
  • Fiverr Clone Script - Logicspice

    Logicspice Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. | Fiverr | PHP | 48 Views
    The Fiverr Clone that we have developed will enable the people to act as buyers or sellers of job services from the same account. Being a sellers, they can create gigs(job) over the site and being buyers they can search for gigs present over the site through different category or can search through keyword. Buyers can receive quotes from sellers wh ...
  • Groupon Clone Script - Logicpsice

    Logicspice Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. | Groupon | PHP | 46 Views
    Our Groupon Clone Script product will facilitate the customers to search for available deals according to their location. They can search for deals using their zip code or look for them using different categories and sub categories. Customers can view details of the vendor who has uploaded the deals and can see the other deals that is similar to th ...
  • Jewellery E-Commerce System Script - Logicpsice

    Logicspice Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. | Other | PHP | 47 Views
    Our Jewellery E-Commerce System product will facilitate the shoppers to buy jeweled accessories online from the website. Customers will have an option to search different items through advanced search option. The website will have a section for customers to search for diamond that they are looking for. Customers can also view the authenticity certi ...
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