Top Uber Clone Scripts for Your Ride-Hailing Venture


While there are many reasons why demand of Lyft and Uber clone scripts keeps going up, let’s just point out two of them. Business forecasts stated that the expected CAGR value is 9.22% during the years 2019-2024. The massive penetration of smartphones globally with strong internet exposure makes more riders to online taxi booking platforms. The rise of online taxi booking platforms not only provides feasible solutions to customers. It also helped the companies to retain the market share. In 2017, Lyft gave 375.5 million rides and increased its passenger count by 92%, outpacing Uber in growth by a big margin. Uber and Didi collectively are valued at $104 billion, with the latter being valued higher.

The online-based ride-sharing trend is not only confined to the big players in the market. It also enables the local taxi services to adopt this strategy and gain some traction revenue. Hence, more entrepreneurs have the interest to participate in the taxi service business race. Some of them lack the latest technology news and the current trends in the industry. They choose the scratch website or app development company that leads to high cost, more time consumption, and large human efforts. 

To reduce the stress on the creation of a website from scratch, many app development companies turn to utilize the clone scripts to implement the taxi booking business ideas. With traditional cab service providers shifting to technology for staying in business, the demand for Uber clone script is going to rise further. And developers building powerful taxi booking app like uber are having a time of their life.

Customization is the prominent feature for such familiarity of uber clone script that provides the feasibility of adding or removing the feature based on the real-time needs. Some of the basic features are listed as follows;

  • Prior fare estimates
  • Easy request handling
  • Secure payment
  • Live Tracking 
  • Flawless invoicing operation

The utilization of old or outdated technologies in the construction of taxi booking software leads to vulnerability at some point in time and the entrepreneurs to face revenue loss. Rather, the development of either website or mobile applications through the latest technologies makes your website stronger against the fluctuations in the technologies daily. 

Though we perform all the activities in a synchronized manner, there may be a chance of getting failures due to the lack of accurate monitoring. To resolve this issue, the Uber clone script has the admin panel to carry out the following activities: commission management, payments management, and user location management. With these plenties of perks, app like uber have familiarity in the taxi booking business.

Since there are so many ready-made Uber clone apps available in the market, our team of analysts undertook extensive research to find the best ones. Here are the top Uber clone scripts and taxi booking softwares in the market:



The ultimate Uber clone app you can start using to run your cab booking business within a matter of a few days. Many more features than the original Uber app. Just customize according to your business and it will be ready for your users to download and start using to book your cabs.

Get ready-to-use white-label Taxi app with customizable source codes in any language, currency, and theme to boost your on-demand venture ahead of the competition.

Some of the stand-alone features for your reference:

  • Prebuilt Solution
  • Highly Scalable & 100% Customizable
  • Ready for Implementation and Deployment
  • Preferred Driver Selection
  • Multiple Trip Bookings
  • Schedule Trip and a lot more features to serve!

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EQ Taxi Solutions

EQ Taxi Banner2The Taxi app script from EQ Taxi Solutions claims to be highly efficient taxi management software that brings almost all the impressive features promised by top cab booking service providers like Uber and Lyft. EQ Taxi is a customizable solution built for iOS, Android, and web that is also perfect to cater businesses that deal with food delivery, commercial delivery, laundry, and much more.

This taxi booking software maker however choose not to disclose the pricing beforehand. Feel free to contact them to request demo and pricing information.

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Arigya’s Taxi Pickr

Taxi Pickr AgriyaThe leading clone maker from India calls it “the best ever taxi app clone script”. Available for both iOS and Android, the big app development firm has integrated powerful features related to car search, wallet, tracking, payments, fare estimation and security. Taxi Pickr has also been optimized from search engine point of view, which certainly is an added advantage.

In addition to the Taxi app script, the company is also offering:

  • Free updates for 12 months
  • Best support for 3 months (free)
  • Free installation
  • Access to source code

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Zoplay’s Uber for X

Cabily ZoplayZoplay makes a very strong impression with top features like credit card payments, multi-location access, integrated analytics, and customer loyalty programs. It looks like one of the most feature-rich Uber clone apps out there.

Zoplay is offering its taxi booking app, Cabily under 3 packages.  You can get both Android and iOS apps for $3799 USD. Platform owner can control everything from the feature-rich admin section which gives you interesting insights and data for decision making. Admin and website demos are there to get complete idea of design and functionality.

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App Jasmine’s Uber for Taxi

uber clone AppJasmineThe company positions itself as Uber for X solutions. It has Uber for taxi, food delivery, laundry, and whatnot. However, we will only talk about its taxi booking app. And guess what? It’s free!

Of course there is a catch. The company is giving away only the web script of its taxi booking platform for free, and is charging separately for apps and add-ons. We checked a couple of them. None costs less than $1000. The company is also offering another package in which it is giving away an impressive bundle at $1499. Have a look on your own and judge by yourself.

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Eber2One of the many products of Elluminati, this app like Uber script brings all the critical features and integrates them in an intuitive way. The admin dashboard is neat and planned with UX in mind. While the apps and features leave the visitor impressed, pricing makes them think twice.

If you can manage the product with source and installation document, then, Eber is not a bad deal for building an app like Uber .

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Cogzidel’s Uber for X Solutions

Arcane CogzidelIt seems like India is the hub of clone script development. Cogzidel Technologies is another Indian company catering to young entrepreneurs interested in rewriting the success stories of Uber, MyTaxi, Lyft, Ola, or Didi. It has created Arcane, a product they call ‘Uber for on-demand services’.

We spent a few minutes in the dashboard area, and found Reviews, Member Management, and Category Management hard to grasp. Getting out of the dashboard was problematic as well. As for pricing, Arcane will cost you $1998 USD for both iOS and Android apps.

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App Scrip’s Roadyo

Roadyo AppScripRoadyo from AppScrip, is the Taxi app script for real time on-demand services (or we should say Uber for X). Like most taxi booking scripts out there, it brings all the fundamental features required to book and track cab rides.

Roadyo however charges extra for surge pricing, in-app navigation, wallet, campaign management, and language upgrades. It also charges separately for iOS and Android app.

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Appypie’ Taxi Booking App Builder

Taxi Booking App BuilderThis Indian mobile development company didn’t build the best app like uber. It created an app builder using which you can create vast range of apps. They have targeted Uber app development because that’s what people are looking for.

We also gave a shot to the app builder software. To put it in few words, it is not the simplest of things in the world. Of course you can hire the Appypie team to build your Didi or Lyft clone app as well. What interested us more is the pricing. Appypie offers monthly, yearly and lifetime plans, and there is a free version as well. In short, something worth checking out.

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We are done! Above are the top ready made Uber clone scripts available for you to choose for your startup venture.

Final Words

Yes, you can quickly launch a ride-hailing business with one of these Uber clone solutions at a more affordable cost, comparing to develop from scratch. Now the question is, “Would your venture get the valuation of Didi(around $56 billion)?”

The answer is NO. Well, at least not just by buying a top-class Uber clone script.

Here’s the reason

Didi, Uber and other ride-hailing platforms went beyond technology to become billion dollar brands. They didn’t just think in terms of app features. The established ride-hailing brands grew because they:

  • Entered the market early and grew quickly.
  • Understood target audience and market dynamics.
  • Differentiated by providing unique value.
  • Delivered excellent service and delighted customers.

While competing with the likes of Uber and Didi is tough, followers are making their share of profits by:

  • Focusing on untapped and smaller markets
  • Positioning their brand differently. For instance, rides for women.
  • Giving better rewards and perks to drivers.

What we mean to say is that in order to make your taxi booking venture profitable, there is much more required.  Having a nice app and idea is just a start, you need to execute properly and deliver a brilliant service. Then, maybe you can raise a VC funding as well someday.

Now to get started, carefully study the above-listed Uber clone apps and pick the one that best serves your business goals and budget. And don’t forget to read our amazing post about choosing between readymade clone script and custom development!

Do you think there’s another Uber clone script out there that needs to be in this super list? Mention the name in the comments section and we will consider it for inclusion.