Buy the Best Booking or Rental Clone Scripts On a Shoestring Budget in 2020

Buy the Best Booking or Rental Clone Scripts On a Shoestring Budget in 2020

Online room booking and rental startups have replaced many conventional jobs. Not to mention that it comes under the umbrella of the on-demand industry. So disruption is inherent to online room rental. Airbnb is the world leader in room rental and booking. Airbnb is basically an online marketplace to list rooms and guest houses. How it differs from others is that it allows individuals with own houses to list extra space in their app at a low cost. 

Young people and corporates in many countries are looking to use affordable alternative for hotel room booking like Airbnb extensively. It is gaining momentum among local residents in tourist places because of its feature to list extra spaces. 

90% of the online room booking and listing users are satisfied. By 2020, more than 50% of the corporate travels use Airbnb like startups.On an average, an online rental and booking startups earns as much as $8,000 from one listing per month. 

So I suggest you to take this online room rental and booking startups business to earn good money at drastically low cost. The online booking software which includes the admin web app, customer app, and host app is the core of this on-demand business. You need not go anywhere to build such software. In this blog I have listed some 10 Airbnb like room rental and booking scripts so that you can partner with any one of them to get a ready-made Airbnb like booking and listing software.

Selecting the right script involves taking into account your region of operation, budget, features required, scalability, performance, maintenance requirements, after- sale service, and many other factors.


Looking for a robust and reliable room rental booking script like Airbnb? Then SpotnStay is the best choice. This has a unique platform design that is suitable for any regions across the world. 

AI is extensively employed to do many tasks that ranges from increasing users to doing minute analysis of the bookings. Frequent users are shown with suggestions based on their booking history. There is little room for error since the AI uses a lot of information to compile a result. Dynamic pricing option and smart listing is also a part of the solution.

Their developers have put so much effort to make the apps and web apps compatible in multiple devices. 

After-sale package from SpotnStay room rental solution is impressive with long and free client support, free updation, latest trend change, etc.

Blindly go for SpotnStay if you need a booking solution that is impressive to use and also has latest advances like ML and AI.


This is an Airbnb like clone script which has features additional to the original features. They offer robust and reliable admin dashboard and user app with effective GPS for customers. 

Their host app and customer app is built with responsive design and suitable to any devices and operating systems. They customize the basic script to your desire with some locally made features like local currency, and language.

The web app from Rentisto is SEO friendly with analytics tools for both host and admin. Go for it if you need a SEO ready rental script.


RentalSlew is the next generation cloud based rental booking script. They have the skill to customize to any other rental apps like property rental, car rental, etc.

Anyone can list their space in three steps in this rental software. iCal is a specialized feature which syncs the bookings with calendar and this option is unique to RentalSlew. 

Machine learning based data analysis and prediction is present in their admin web interface to help provide useful insights. Some applications of machine learning in their app script are similar listing, dynamic pricing, and online risk mitigation.

Grab this solution if you need a script with machine learning based features.


Agriya’s online rental and booking script is an ultimate solution for entrepreneurs. Starting from price till the usability of the software interface, everything is business friendly. It has limited but relevant sophistications. They are one of the on-demand app makers to enable a single web page to handle multiple products like room rental, hotel booking, etc. 

Agriya introduces three launch modes such as private-beta, pre-launch, and maintenance modes. The admin web app comes with features like 

  • Ad Management
  • Listing Management
  • Fee Management
  • Site Commission
  • Analytics Tools

90+ optional features are available with them and are integrated into the app script on request. Do partner with them if you want a solution with unique features.


This rental and booking script can be customized to suit any applications like car rental, storage, car park management, and many other sharing businesses.

You can select this firm basically for their services. Their script has a scalable architecture with 24/7 support, free upgrades, and free installation.

Like other script, it is SEO friendly with cutting edge technology like SMS and email marketing integrated with the admin panel to get hold of the marketing. The advanced filter option coupled with machine learning presents the best result for the users.


What makes this rental and booking app different from others is the detailing it offers in the user app and web. Options for additional section for the user can be added by the host and the admin to give an intuitive experience. 

Some highlights of this app script are,

  • Smart Search
  • Social Login
  • PayPal Adaptive
  • One Step Checkout
  • Recurring Payment, etc.

Check this app if you need intuitive UI/UX design in the customer and host app.


Minttm’s room rental and booking script is the simple relative to others. It is because their focus is to give an affordable solution like Airbnb with all the fundamental features. It is basically a PHP script and still their solution is apt for those who are looking for a niche room rental solution.

Another uniqueness with Minttm is that it can be customized to handle multiple on-demand sharing businesses. Being simple also means that there is no redundant features, options, and menus. Having said that, it is the most user-friendly solution of all.


This is exactly a vacation rental script apt for on-demand room rentals in tourist destinations. It is built to handle many tasks like 

  • Listing Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • CMS, etc.

So the admin panel is sorted. Also it is developed using PHP 7 advanced structure and doesn’t need Magneto or Joomla.

If you join with them for their script you can get one year free support, stable release, complete source code with no encryption, free installation and many more. Quickly connect with them to know more.


Airbnb clone script by Appkodes is the top most of all. This room booking app is readily available and it will be complete script after certain customization of your desire. Hourly booking, instant booking, social media login, instant chat with host, and review & rating are some features in the Appkodes rental and booking script.

Why should you get online for room space booking?

  • Hassle free booking management
  • Booking takes place 24/7
  • Get more data regarding your business
  • Safe and secure payment

Contact the firm if you are satisfied and want more details.


Rental app script software from Abservetech comes with a spectacular design and coming of age UI design. You customer will be hooked to this app for sure. A fully packed payment system is the USP of this rental app solution. All kinds of payment facility, be it cards, ewallet, and cash from different currency can be integrated into this by their developer team.

Dedicated features for private accommodation like villas, flats, cottage, island, etc.

Final Say!

Want to be the next Airbnb? Then quickly choose one of the above solutions, connect with them, have a demo and built a niche online room rental and booking app. Your first step towards success in your on-demand room rental business start right from selecting the right script.

Have a checklist of different needs of your startup and see which solution fits the most. First do a market research on the region of operation and have a clear mind before making a good list of needs.