Top 10 Bike Taxi App Scripts for Starting a Bike Taxi Business


Running an online taxi booking app startups has become a herculean task. With increased competition combined with various operational rules and regulation, it seems that entrepreneurs now have to take some other alternate on-demand transportation system. Other than taxi cabs, 2 wheelers seem to be the right option. Bike taxi is already there in places like Indonesia, Canada, US, and some Asian cities. 

Young riders too will be receptive to on-demand bike taxi booking because of its affordability and a short time to reach a destination. You can also start the bike taxi startups and do your bit to the environment because bikes emit little pollution. Also in the U.S it is estimated that the cab drivers spend an average of 40 hours a year in traffic. This amounts to $1,500 loss per driver. 

Now the first thing for you to do is choose the best booking app solution. I have listed ten solution providers each having a prebuilt app. Go through it and select the one which exactly suits you. Design, performance, user interface, build, customization, deployment time, etc are different for different developers. 

Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft infotech follows the design, development, integration, and testing process to build the on-demand bike taxi app solution. Because of this, there will be no lapses in app development and they already have an MVP of the bike taxi app. With minor tweaks, the solution is industry ready and ready to launch. You will get a complete and a perfect solution free from bugs and major issues.   

It has simple signup for riders and fast status checking for riders. They also provide free app installation and approval, responsive web panel, and a lifetime license for the Uber for X script. Post-sales assistance like updates, issue fixing are default with the purchase.


They readily have a fully customized bike taxi solution for on-demand startups. They have an illustrious history of making perfect app clone scripts for various on-demand business models. So, the reliability and performance of their solution are unquestionable.

The final product of SpotnRides bike taxi app is made after a lot of iterations which consists of repeated revisions and tweaks in order to set a benchmark for the Uber for X app. Latest tech advancements are incorporated in this solution after careful analysis of the market need. 

Excellent technical assistance is offered by them from start to finish. So, this solution can even be used by entrepreneurs and businessmen from a non-technical background. Just go for this solution if you need a quick launch and not worry during customization.


Taximobility provides Uber for X app script with full source code for Android, iOS, and web. Also, they assure PCI compliance so there is no issue for accepting payments for any services.

They recently introduced the new version of bike taxi app with some unique features like showing the availability of shower cap & helmet and insuring rides in the app. Go for it if you need the latest solution with never before seen features.


Appdupe provides software that aims to automate scheduling and dispatching of bike taxis along with taxi booking option. It invests in providing the flexibility of price and reducing expenses, so bootstrapping entrepreneurs can prefer them. With this software, the customers and drivers are made to interact with each other with one-touch communication, which is a noteworthy feature. In-app chat feature and opting for insurance is present in the customer app.

Get this solution if you are looking for dispatch along with booking and all at an affordable cost.

Coruscate Solution

If you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of the bike taxi solution, then try this app. The solution is also economical and once purchased you can start the business in less than 3 days.

They follow a standard architecture for app development and this makes the solution devoid of any problems. The solution works seamlessly in all devices of any platforms. Its simple design and impressive user interface enable you to provide a basic bike taxi booking service.


They have the amazing feature of all bike taxi booking app that allows the owner to control and monitor everything from the admin web panel with sophisticated data analytics tools. Valuable data can be derived which can be used to improve business operation.

The front-end and back-end of their solution work freely without any issues for a long time. Their app solution is developed in a way to support unlimited bookings. Their unique craftsmanship in developing the app will make both the customer and service provider app an international feel.

If you want to expand your service widely, then this Uber for a solution is the best. The reason for this is the scalability and adaptability.

Space o Technologies

Space o technology’s bike taxi booking app script is used by many influential companies globally. They offer 13 uniques and never before seen features in their solution. You just have to purchase their solution, configure it and start the business.

Before buying, apply for a live demo of their solution and you will be more than amazed. If you are satisfied, the solution will be customized in less than a week to suit your business service so you start the business immediately.

Hvantage Technologies 

Bike4everything is their bike taxi app. This app stands tall with the latest technology stack used. Kotlin and Swift are used for Android and iOS app. For database, MS SQL and Oracle are used. This app solution is available in two packages, one with all fundamentals features mainly for startups and another advanced version for established businesses. This is a white label solution so you can place your customized logos and designs.

They are the first to introduce bike-sharing and split cash feature. If you want your customer to have long-distance bike-sharing, then just get this solution.

Complete source code will be provided and the solution after complete customization will be deployed in less than 15 days. 


Inoru is an elite bike management software development firm. Apart from the bike taxi booking app, they provide advanced dispatch module and smart management platform in the solution. They help startups and businesses reinvent their bike transit solutions by integrating new technology into their offerings.

Their real-time matching algorithm and smart integration of third-party apps are nowhere near others.

Elluminati Inc

If you have a traditional bike taxi business and desperate to transform into app-based startup, then Mtoag bike taxi hailing software is the right one for you. Some features of them are live geo-tracking, cancel bookings, in-app chat with the delivery person, rating & review system, and many more. 

This solution has a powerful admin dashboard and this itself is enough to buy this solution. Apart from this, the solution is highly scalable, white label script, and most importantly made with native mobile apps. 100% source will be given to you with no encryption.


All the bike taxi app solution providers mentioned above are unique in their own way and have some exclusive benefits. The taxi cab startup market is getting saturated and too much traffic is making people choose bike taxis. So, grab the appropriate solution from above and immediately launch the bike taxi startup. Since the bike taxi market is relatively new, there is more space to experiment with new features and services and that depends on the type of solution maker you choose.